We are pleased to announce that Charles Service Company’s Cleansite has won the Australian Web Industry Association’s, Australian Web Award 2012 for Innovation. WA companies won 12 of 13 award categories such as Ecommerce, Personal, Commercial, Government, Education, Culture and Events, and Not for Profit.

Through these awards, the AWIA acknowledges that making a web site designed to provide a good user experience and accessibility takes time, expertise, imaginative thinking and a lot of money. Charles Service Company has made a significant investment in Cleansite, which was purpose built for us by Juicebox. Kudos to Juicebox for turning our vision into reality.

The AWIA said winners represented the leaders in web standards, design and user experience. A well-built site works better for an extra 25% - 30% of users, yet few sites conformed to the standards and there is still a low level of awareness about the benefits.

CSC sees the integration of web based reporting and communications as a key component in our delivery of an excellent service. Managing Director, George Grover commented “We are now in our second year of using Cleansite and are extremely happy with its performance. Many of our clients have also given us positive feedback about many aspects of Cleansite, such as photographic integration, inspection reporting, KPI monitoring, ability to schedule and review periodical cleaning and to show both current activity and historical trends”.

The Award for Innovation is verification that Cleansite ingeniously pushes the boundaries of how the web has been able to assist in the delivery of Commercial Cleaning services. Winning is confirmation that CSC service management is the new benchmark in our industry.