Client Portal

Cleansite is web based software that CSC has developed to suit the needs of managing commercial cleaning contracts. Cleansite is accessed online by nominated client representatives, cleaners, CSC management and administration.

It removes any guess work or estimation in cleaning practice, replacing these with:

  • written and traceable communications at all levels of the contract,
  • photographic images to support communications wherever desired or required,
  • tracking of non-conformance issues including all steps and communications through to resolution.
  • Monthly reporting of both Key Performance Indicators and Inspection Reporting,
  • the ability to plan ahead and a preapproval process for periodical work and historical periodical data for reference and comparison.
  • Contract Specifications uploaded for easy reference and calendar and event views of both past and future scheduled work.
  • All historical information and graphical representations for each site from the latter of commencement of the contract, or January 2012.
  • A dedicated list of CSC staff members working at each site of the contract. Details including photo identification, levels of training and police clearance records are accessible by the client through Cleansite.
  • Cleansite is user friendly and compatible with all computing platforms including iOS, Windows and Android.

Commercial Property Managers

Cleansite is a suitable and desirable tool to assist you managing the cleaning contracts of your various properties. Benefits to compliment your management process include the following:-

  • You have the contract at your fingertips, whenever you have online access.
  • Cleaning results becomes as quantifiable as other aspects of your site management.
  • Cleansite provides you with graphical depictions of KPIs and inspection reports which may be a helpful tool in your reporting process.
  • Reports are updated automatically each month by Cleansite. KPI Reports ensure compliancy regulations such as OH & S legislative requirements are being consistently met.
  • You are also able to show projections of periodical works to be undertaken and review estimated costs compared to historical work of the same nature.
  • You are able to delegate responsibility for any of your sites to another nominated person and you can also choose to continue to receive communications and reports to oversee contract management.

School and University Cleaning

A campus with so many and varied buildings most often has unique and specific cleaning requirements. Cleansite is able to accommodate this uniqueness for each site , drilling down reporting to a building by building level when required. Inspection Reporting and KPI monitoring can be tailored to site specifications, whilst still retaining quantifiable integrity. This enables Cleansite to also capture data at a whole of contract level if desired. All features available to property managers are also available to Bursars / Facilities Managers through Cleansite.