Charles Service Co. - Cleaning Contractors
Charles Service Co. - Cleaning Contractors
Charles Service Co. - Cleaning Contractors

Our Service

Our Service

With over 40 years experience, Charles Service Company provides quality-cleaning services in the Business, Education and Government Sectors in Western Australia.

Our business model is to provide our clients with a transparent cleaning service, grounded in consistent quality standards, at a reasonable cost

Charles Service Company focuses on medium and large scale commercial cleaning contracts. Our business model of transparency and consistent quality standards for our clients means our focus is client satisfaction, safety, measurement, reporting and professionalism.


We place great importance on the value of ongoing contracts and long term relationships with clients based on trust, good communications and quality consistent outcomes. Our longevity in a market highly influenced by economic cycles, government policy and competition is testament to this.


We are the only cleaners in WA with a Platinum Worksafe Accreditation. In fact we are the only business in WA awarded this level of Occupational Health and Safety recognition as at June 2014.  This link to the WA Department of Commerce confirms our Worksafe status.  


We continually seek to improve our business and therefore adapt and incorporate advances in technology into the management of our contracts.


We have a strong focus on staff training to maintain a superior level of quality assurance in the workplace. We use only environmentally friendly products wherever possible and have a "Green" Business Accreditation. 


We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services to meet all our clients requests, and tailor our service provision to meet client’s needs and budget.


Sustainable Pricing

CSC ensures all our quotations are competitive and responsible.

Competitive: Based on years of experience and best work practice.

Responsible: Based on a sustainable working environment for our employees and a fair cost of service for our clients.


We therefore quote work in an achievable framework for employees, and give clients upfront comprehensive quotations, without "contract building", “cross selling” or "value adding" once the contract is established.


We service all areas in the Perth Metropolitan Area operating from Rockingham to Joondalup.



Local Government




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